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About KendoStar

KendoStar: Kendogu for the World.
Delivering the ultimate experience in acquiring top-quality, relevant equipment to Kendoka across the globe.

KendoStar is was launched by Kendo teacher, and Kendogu professional - Andy Fisher, with the goal of bringing top quality, Japanese Kendo equipment to the Kendoka of the world. Further, it is our goal to offer equipment that is specifically designed and selected to cater to the specific needs of Kendoka outside of Japan. With KendoStar you can be assured of exceptional quality, delivered with unrivaled service - further all orders are shipped for FREE worldwide.

bogu-1.jpgAbout Andy:
Andy was born and raised in northwest England, where he began Kendo as a teenager. Quickly becoming a member of the British National team, Andy has represented his country in 7 European Championships, acquiring an array of medal along the way. Andy has also competed in the World Kendo Championships 4 times. Further, for two years running he was able to take 1
st place in both the British Open Championships and British Team Championships, before taking a further gold medal in the French Open Championships. In 2013 Andy became the first ever British athlete to be selected to compete in the Kendo event at the SportAccord World Combat Games, held in St. Petersburg, Russia.

In 2009 Andy moved to Japan, and whilst continuing to enjoy tournament success on the Japanese circuit, he began his career in the world of Kendo supplies. Since then he has become one of the few native English-speaking Kendogu professionals, and dedicates himself to learning everything there is to know about Budogu, so that he can provide honest and informative help and advice to practitioners around the world.
As well as operating KendoStar, Andy is also a teacher at a local Dojo, in Fukuoka, Japan, helping teach Kendo to youngsters and teenagers. In addition, he operates and hosts the popular Kendo instructional video series - The Kendo Show.

KendoStar is committed to delivering Kendoka around the world - whatever their level - the ultimate experience in acquiring top-quality, made in Japan equipment, that is relevant to their practice. Each piece of KendoStar Bogu is made from scratch, by the top craftsmen in Japan, craftsmen who also craft Bogu for Japan's top level teachers and competitors. Not only can you be completely assured of the quality of KendoStar's product line, it is brought to you with an unparalleled level of personal service.


Reasons to choose KendoStar -

 Unbeatable Service - 

The service you will receive at both KendoStar, or at will be overseen by Kendogu Professional, Andy Fisher. Andy has made a name for himself within the Kendogu industry for providing an unparalleled, unbeatable level of service to his customers. Extensive knowledge, combined with a direct relationship with Japan's top craftsmen means that you can trust Andy and his team to handle your orders and inquiries with complete professionalism, as well with extreme promptitude. Thanks to this, we are able to provide you with a level of service that our rivals simply cannot compete with.

Genuine Quality direct from Japan - 

By choosing to shop at either KendoStar, or at you are assured of the finest quality Kendo good available. We have sourced the most skilled craftsmen, the best materials, and most reliable workshops available - and we adhere to a standard that accepts only the very best. The quality of the products we offer is without rival, and is attested by the popularity of our products with top level competitors, both in Japan, and around the world. You can be assured that your order will be organized with care, and shipped to you at the earliest convenience, directly from Japan.

FREE International Shipping - 

No matter where you are in the world, your order will be shipped to you FREE of charge, by express courier.

Exceptional Value -

Not only are our products exceptional in terms of quality, but they are also exceptional in terms of value. It is commonplace for Japanese Kendogu suppliers to aggressively inflate their prices, especially when presenting them to their international customers. It can even be seen that even basic specification equipment is priced at a premium, simply because it has the term ‘Japan’ or ‘Japanese’ applied to it. We are passionately opposed to this practice of over-pricing, and our goal is to increase the spread of Kendo through making good quality, safe equipment affordable for all. Therefore, we are committed to providing the lowest possible prices, for even premium quality products.

Designed with you in Mind -  

The practice of Kendo in Japan, is somewhat different to how it is in the rest of the world. In Japan, the majority of Kendoka are youngsters, even below the age of 18, and are very heavily focussed on competition. Further, most have started kendo during their early childhood years, and have no memory of how it was to wear the Bogu for the first time. They have already developed a good cutting technique, and injuries from hard-hitting, overly powerful strikes are very rare. Outside of Japan, however, where many people begin Kendo later in life, we encounter different problems, and have different requirements. Where young Japanese competitors require lightweight equipment, that compromises protection, this can present itself as a danger for those of us practicing around the world. Therefore, caution must be taken when selecting a Bogu set from a Japanese supplier. Our products are especially designed and curated with the the needs of Kendoka outside of Japan in mind. Although we also cater to your competitive needs, we specifically look to provide equipment that prioritizes safety and comfort, and fits the needs of the international Kendo community. 

Developing international Kendo -  

Our goal is to contribute to the spread of Kendo by proving top-quality, affordable equipment, that is safe to use, and reliable. Further, KendoStar and  are direct patrons of The Kendo Show, one of the internet's most popular media outlets for the study of Kendo. Through instructional, and thought provoking videos, The Kendo Show aims to develop the international participation of Kendo, by spreading knowledge, that has previously been difficult to acquire outside of Japan. Every order with us goes towards funding the production of The Kendo Show, and means that you are doing your bit to help increase the international spread of the art we love. More information about The Kendo Show can be found here -